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Shurpac E-coating

Shurpac offers electrocoating, also known as E-coating. It is the most durable, corrosion resistant coating on the market. Using PPG Powercron 6000CX along with zinc phosphate in our process allows us to E-coat for the military, automotive industry, marine industry, and major OEM's. E-coating gives our customers the following quality and cost advantages:

E-coating is Cost Effective

  • E-coating is the least expensive coating and application method on the market.

E-coating - Corrosion Resistance

  • Used as a primer or final coat, E-coating produces salt spray results over 1,000 hours on a continual basis. When top coated using powder or liquid, these results greatly improve.

E-coating Provides Transfer Efficiency

  • E-coating is the most efficient paint technology available approaching 95-99% material utilization, keeping costs to a minimum.

E-coating Maintains a Low Rejection Rate

  • Number of rejects can be significantly reduced using E-coat due to total coverage and uniform thickness.

E-coating - Multiple Color Capabilities

  • We currently offer black epoxy E-coat, but have the capability to add an additional color or technology.

E-Coating from Shurpac